True story:

Client: “Guys, we need the best site for forging and metalwork in Minsk”

Agvento: “No problem, but it’s gonna be expensive”

Client: “Money’s not a problem, but we need the best one. How much?”

Agvento: “As much as $$$$”

Client: “Isn’t it too expensive?”

Agvento: “If you don’t like, it will cost you $”

Client: “Deal!”

After a couple of meetings and 1.5 months, at the demonstration of the site to the client:

Client: “Well…I don’t really like it, not what we needed at all”

Agvento: “Oh…all right, then the price is $”

Client: “All right is all right, take $”

Agvento: “Wait, but it’s $$$$”

Client: “Sure, I’m kidding you. The site is just a bomb! Take another $. And thank you very much!”


Any website we develop, no matter if it’s service site, online store or even landing page, is fully ready to SEO promotion. Meta data, unique content (texts, images, videos), website map, correct “Robots” file, micromarking of the site — is a small part of what we do during internal optimization. And at the heart of all this is a detailed map and semantics.


It was a new field of activity for our client, it means that contextual advertising had to become the main way to attract customers and as a result profit.

There was no chance to make a mistake 😉

On the very first day of launch, we were able to achieve a CTR of 14% with an average click price of only $0.08 and an average position of 2.0.

We realized that we had succeeded when the client contacted us on the 5th day and said that the next week was already full of orders.