Our task was to create a convinient website for a company that makes custom furniture. The recourse must have been understandable and useful at the same time and of course had high conversion.

Lightweight design combined with easy navigation allows you to quickly find the right furniture, find out prices, see reviews and promotions. For each service, a landing page was created according to the type of mini-landing with a selling structure.

After a marketing analysis it became clear that custom furniture buyers are interested in photos of its options most of all. Therefore we selected a large galley with a filter for each type of furniture and ability to find out the price using a contact form. Even more photos were took out to another section.

The website structure and pages was originally created SEO optimized for further fast promotion in search engines. More details below.

This site has had several clones over the last three years. Up to a brazen copying at the 80% level – And the structure began to be copied on every fifth site in the niche.

Instead of conclusion:  in the Belarusian market in the furniture sector, the website has set new trends and confidently occupies the first positions in search engines.


We were lucky that was our site that means it was pleasure to promote it. It is very simple: we take care of proper SEO optimization even at the prototyping level. An initial semantic core and detailed sitemap is the basis of all our sites (where necessary).

What we do: monitor positions, feed search engine robots with eternal article links, expand snippets, constantly expand the site based on semantics and modernize usability by analyzing user behavior. And much more, but it’s a secret.


One of our favorite customers. We work with them for more than 5 years. The company is engaged in the production of all kinds of furniture to order. The task was as follows: initially to set up advertising for all kinds of furniture, and in the process to identify those positions for which contextual advertising brings the greatest profit. Now we can say with confidence that the task has been achieved. However, we do not stop and continue to work on conducting advertising campaigns, because there is no limit to perfection 😉

General indicators of contextual advertising:

CTR – 16%
Average price per click – 0,14 $
Average position of impressions: 2,8


Profile design and management, setting up advertising on Instagram, Facebook, VK.