The story of this project is not that banal, especially for Belarus. First the website appeared and then the customer.

We developed branding, ideology, the site itself from scratch for further sale. We were sure that a decent site in a competitive sphere, which somehow stands out from the hundreds of the same type, will certainly find its owner. And we didn’t lose: as a result it was us to decide whom to sale the site to. We wanted to put it in the hands of responsible and young professionals. And that is how it turned out. And the whole story had a happy end and the beginning of a long successful way.

A few words about the website. The emphasis is on quality content, ability to quickly find out the price of any ceiling either on a page or using online calculator, as many ways of company and client communication as possible.


We were lucky that was our site that means it was pleasure to promote it. It is very simple: we take care of proper SEO optimization even at the prototyping level. An initial semantic core and detailed sitemap is the basis of all our sites (where necessary).

What we do: monitor positions, feed search engine robots with eternal article links, expand snippets, constantly expand the site based on semantics and modernize usability by analyzing user behavior. And much more, but it’s a secret.

It must be noted that in such a competitive sphere it is difficult to promote a fairly young site, especially in Google, especially with a small budget. But we manage. And the graph below is a proof. For all the time of promotion (7 months at the moment) our client has spent for promotion only … . Want to know how much? No problem, write to e-mail with the request “How much is SEO for Potolki5”.


Stretch ceilings are quite a competitive field. There are many players on the market, and the price per click is very high. Therefore in this project, the main difficulty was not in setting up contextual advertising, but in running it. Over the course of a year we tested many strategies before we found the right one.

At the moment we have reached a CTR of 11% with an average click price of $1.05 and an average position of 3.2. Total number of clicks per month is about 200.

Despite the high cost per click, contextual advertising pays off well and brings income, also due to the good conversion of the site and competent work of the specialists of


Profile design and management, setting up advertising on Instagram, Facebook, VK.