We continue the series of articles “Instagram for novice users”. Simple instructions on how to use the functionality correctly and even more. Following topic is “How to create and add a story to Instagram”.

You can add a photo or a video up to 15 seconds to your story. Other users can see it during the next 24 hours. It can be commented also. So you can learn how to create and add a story to instagram in the article below.

How to create and add an Instagram story?

1. Run the app on your device: cell or tablet. On the top left of the home page you can see your profile photo with a blue plus icon on it. You click on it or you can make a swipe to the right.

How to add an Instagram story?

2. Take a photo with your camera, either the main one or the front one. You can switch it by clicking on the camera icon on the bottom right. You can see a big round white button in the center. Make a short tap to take a photo and a long tap to shoot a video. By clicking on a small window on the bottom left you can choose a photo from your library. You can also make your photo or video using a mask. You can see them on the right from the white button. Just swipe to the left to choose any.

How to add an Instagram story?

3. Now edit: add a mask, turn the sound off, add some stickers, paint something or add some text with different tools in the top menu.

How to add an Instagram story?

4. You need only to share it now. Click on the “Your Story” icon on the bottom left. A few seconds and your story is added. 

In order to add another one, go to the home page and make a swipe to the right.

learn how to add a story from a pc

How to add music in your story? (even if Instagram Music isn’t available in your region)

It’s really easy to add a story with any music you want from any device without any special software.

  1. Before shooting the video play the song in the program you use for music.
  2. Start shooting by a long tap.
  3. You get a video with the music you played.

Set the appropriate volume so as not to spoil the video.

Options of creating a stroy

  • Normal. Allows you to take photos and shoot videos using masks.
  • Create. There you can create text, shoutouts, gifs, templates, poll, questions, donations, countdowns and quiz.
  • Live. Video streaming which other users can watch. People can add comments, questions and answers online during live videos.
  • Boomerang.  This mode allows you to create small funny videos that loop back and forth. 
How to add an Instagram story?
  • Layout. You can take or choose from library up to 6 photos to add them to 1 story. 
  • Superzoom. It allows you to zoom something with some sound and special effect.
  • Hands-free. Extremely convenient tool which allows you not to make a long tap, but make a short one to start shooting a video.
  • Focus. It’s used to make portraits.
  • Reverse. Play the videos you’ve shot in reverse.

The quantity of options can vary on different devices.

Useful features


In order to save your stories for more than 24 hours, create a Highlight and add some stories there. As a result, they are available in your profile. There are 3 ways to do it:

1. Go to your profile and tap on the plus icon under the “Edit Profile” button. Choose the stories you want.

How to add an Instagram story?

2. Open your story and choose the “Highlight” button.

How to add an Instagram story?

3. Go to Archive and choose the stories that you’ve added recently.

Save your stories to camera roll

You can save the photos from your stories to your camera roll. You activate it through the story settings.

In the story settings you can set different limitations: Hide your story from someone, create the list of close friends, allow message replies or vice versa.

Close friends

When you create the list of close friends, you can add for close friends only. When you add your story, you choose the “Close Friends” icon. Your close friends see it with a green frame instead of a yellow-pink one.

How to watch Instagram Stories?

Watching from a cell phone

When your friend adds a story, a yellow-pink or green frame appears around their profile photo. In order to see the story just tap on it. Each story is 15 seconds long, but you can tap on the right side and see the next story of the user. Or you can swipe to the left and see the next user’s story. After you see it, the frame disappears. 

How to add an Instagram story?

If you don’t want to see someone’s stories or posts, you need to make a long tap on the profile photo of the person and choose “Mute”. You won’t see the stories or posts until you unmute.

Watching from a computer

That’s pretty easy. There can be a list of stories exactly under your profile photo or on the left from it, just like in the original mobile app, it depends on the quantity of followings.

How to add an Instagram story?
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