We continue the series of articles “Instagram for novice users”. Simple instructions on how to use the functionality correctly and even more. Following topic is “How to repost on Instagram”.

There is no special “Repost” or “Reshare” button on Instagram. In such an easy way, developers protect the author’s right to exclusivity of content. But you still can share an interesting video or photo in your story or use third-party software. So, how to make a repost on Instagram without violating copyright?

Official ways to reshare on Instagram

There is only one way now: “paper plane” icon of Instagram Direct.

Repost is not just a copy of a photo or a video, but adding it to your story. Actually, when you add a post to your story, it becomes a direct link to the original one. This can be done as follow:

How to repost on Instagram
How to repost on Instagram

Here you can choose a person to send your post or add it to your story by clicking on “Add post to your story”. 

This way doesn’t violate copyright.

Non-official ways to repost on Instagram

Third-party software allows you to repost any content from any accounts. No matter if it’s a story or a post.

There is a wide range of different apps on the net, but we recommend you “Repost: for Instagram” app which is available on both App Store and Google Play (links below). It is free (but you can pay to remove ads if you want) and easy to use, has a convenient interface and allows you to repost both stories and posts (which is not available on the majority of other apps). What’s more it allows you not to add the attribution mark and not to copy caption while some other apps make you do it.

But be careful, some people can not like you taking their content and consider it as violating copyright. And the post can be banned by Instagram. So you’d better add the attribution mark or ask the permission to use someone’s content.

Instructions on how to repost using “Repost: for Instagram”

  1. Download the app on App Store or Google Play.
How to repost on Instagram?
How to repost on Instagram

2. Run the app and click on the Instagram icon on the top right. (There is an instruction in the app, so you can also use it).

How to repost on Instagram?

3. Find the post or the story you want to repost and copy the link.

4. Get back to the Repost app. If you don’t see the post/story you copied, do a swipe, just as to refresh Instagram. Click on the post/story you copied. Choose whether to add the attribution mark and caption and click on share.

5. Choose the way you want to share the photo and post it.

How to repost on Instagram

Done! By the way you’ll get the original photo, it’s automatically saved in your camera roll.

Repost terms on Instagram

If you can’t use the official way, you must have the following problems:

  • Outdated Instagram version. Update it on App Store or Google Play.
  • Prohibition. A user can have set it intentionally or not have set the function at all. 

You can set resharing to stories through settings:

  • Privacy
  • Story
  • Sharing

It must be noticed that all these settings don’t influence the work of the “Repost” app.

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