We continue the series of articles “Instagram for novice users”. Simple instructions on how to use the functionality correctly and even more. Following topic: “Live video on Instagram”.

Live video is a unique Instagram tool. Absolutely every Instagram user can turn to their followers or all the community. So we are going to tell you how to activate and use them.

How to start a live video on Instagram?

This is made in 4 steps through the app. 

1. You run the app and click on the icon of the camera or swipe to the right.

Live videos on Instagram

2. In the opened window you find the bottom menu, swipe it to the right and select “Live”. In order to start a live video, you click on the white button with a dot inthe center.

How to run live videos on Instagram?

Video setting, ending and saving

1) Allows you to switch from the main camera to the front one and vice versa so that you can show either the things around or yourself.

2) Means you’re on the air  right now.

3) Allows you to end your live video.

4) This is the chat, where your viewers can type something so as you can see it. 

5) You can also type something in the chat.

6) A convenient way to answer the questions your viewers asked.

7) Allows you to send your live video to somebody.

8) Allows you to invite somebody to take part in your live video. 

9) Allows you to use different masks.

How to run live videos on Instagram?

When you end your video you need to confirm that you end your video. But it’s not the end. Then you are suggested to share your video on IGTV, which is an Instagram service that allows you to share videos which are longer than 1 minute, to download and to delete.

For how long is the recording of a live video stored on Instagram?

Instagram used to allow users to save live videos only for 24 hours by adding them to their story. But now the idea has changed and you can share your livestream on IGTV and save it forever. An IGTV post  is automatically added to your profile and all your followers can see it. If you delete the post, you don’t delete the video, it’s still available in the IGTV section.

How to run live videos on Instagram?

Advice on how to run a live video on Instagram

Time-limit for the live video on Instagram is 60 minutes. But it’s really difficult to hold the audience’s attention and not to lose the viewers all the time. They come and go. Relevant duration is no more than 30 minutes.

How to hold the followers attention?

There are some tools for those who want to make an interesting video.

• Special effects. We mean Instagram masks. It looks like this:

Masks are on the right of the “Start” button. In order to select a mask, just scroll to the left.

Chat. It is automatically switched on and every viewer can’t type something and you see it. You can also switch on and off some more features in the settings on the top left (look previous screenshot).

How to run live videos on Instagram?

How to watch a live video on Instagram?

You are automatically notificated about your followings’ live videos. Moreover those accounts, that are running live streams, have a special icon. Just tap on the icon to join the live video. When you join the stream, the host is instantly notificated. Sometimes the possibility to leave comments can be switched off.

Live videos on Instagram

How to see the viewers during a live video?

Both the host and the viewers  see all the commentaries on the screen during the live video. You also see those people who liked the video. Moreover, you can tap on the icon on the top near the “Live” tablet and see those people who are still watching you.

Live videos on Instagram

Live videos became extremely popular with business accounts. Now it’s really convenient and cheap to conduct surveys, draw prizes, organize master classes, quiz, presentations etc.

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